Monday 28 February 2011


Hey! lets all get together and play solitaire, its march, madness, finding solitude by gathering... finding differences and amplifying them.... destination lone star state? follow the signs for terminal unique. yes, spring is loading and the download may take a month but its a bit by bit torrent with a rep, you know, cnet sponsored and hard money followed the softpedia accolades... the corporate condensation on the window of february rains falling away as we hit the runaway and vive la return of  Dunaway (planet Faye), out from the refuge she found expatriate somewhere unknown, certainly we went round the golden globe and all via social networks and gps pinpoint through satellites throwing limelight cast off meteoric cavernous cobalt reefs expelled from certain negative space...and sourced from the largest cubic zircon you never saw!

Hey. calm down now, chill out, let your nerves loose and out of tune, its okay, by now most of us are tone deaf or suffer from know how it gets when your loved one you coupled off with gets her point across, screaming escalated from yelling from talking angry loud, from hella argument over what you forgot halfway through but kept a life of its own, cycling through the house upturning furniture in a cyclone, and a distant vague memory that kiss and the finger up the arm and under the strap over the shoulder, to the map you know so well from one freckle to a mole... then all the way down in attentive star massage form to the very soles of her tender young feet, the heels come off and you weep. the toxic energy pushed down the calf and the ankle and out in a rush leaving you well, the pain was put to sleep.

2011 month #3 and the pain, the pain has been put to sleep mostly. Do not disturb.

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  1. makes me wanna...
    tragic the losses we suffer.
    it will be a longer day when these pains cannot be put to rest.
    but don't toss aside the sum.