Tuesday 8 February 2011

Blended Label G, 2023 (Part I)

There are those fictional and real beings who happen to silently make their way through city streets. Their real or imagined relatives may not even feel them, as the blood connect was lost as evolution took precedence Such has been proven on a non-empirical level. based on 5 sense deconstruction to boil down to clarity of beyond sense (sixth sense, as it was once called). Although proof is no longer a requisite for validity in the new paradigm world order. Specifics such as the date and time of commencement of this new order are also superfluous, as temporal influence has faded. Filling the void where time once meant so much, is a concentrate of here and now fullness of life, often considered a discipline. But for most considered a lifestyle choice. Watches no longer adorn wrists. some are hidden under clothes, embracing ankles.
They may be seen but not heard, these particular sentient who go alone. Five sense perception of them often fails as streams cross one another over and out. More than likely your visual blends them in with the countless nuance of colors that canvas the urban element. This is year 2023. More than likely thats how they want it. to be blended. to blend in, ya, thats how it was supposed to be. No right. No wrong. Simply colorful everything, simply all night long. Like a club dj rolling tight trance joints for the crowd to feel. No the futures not cold computer driven. Still clouds are pressured by fronts, to tears -- driven.
These silent ones, they may be chosen. they may patronize the same magazine stand or cafe. they may perch. they may be silent there where they patronize, there where they perch. don't be fooled. They may be loyal and intimate, personal in relations. How so? if silent? Well, they might hold your hand for a moment longer than others. Or hold your eyes with theirs. Tractor beam. Attraction. Being chosen said more about ones openness to life than choosing. Choice was a consumer driven concept long before abandoned, and the great malls of the last century all were now centrifuges and research labs for the subtle senses. The homes of renowned empiricists now filled by squatters. Squatting was a luxury activity exclusive to the formerly impoverished creative brilliants who moved town to city in the former century and struggled to push the paradigm shift through.
The true pioneers of organic intuitive acceptance of mindful presence. Words can only touch the surface of the meaning, and were not emblazoned in lifesize advertisements. Ads had become illegal. Punishable with dominatrix ownership for up to one month of nonconsensual slavery. Attaching ones org to a mission was also considered a violation of personal liberties, as the future was to be revered for all and not limited possibility. Proselytizing the sentients into a limited potential future based on some dreamers special mission was considered flagrant and intentional violation of liberties. Like herding people into some container. were this to manifest, the door would close and trap sentients in a confined space where all individuality would be suppressed.
China in 2023 was the forefront global leader bringing eastern solution to the world paradigm in decompressed whole passing on to the world in a non-violent and benevolent manner, the wisdoms inherent in confucianism, buddhism, taoism, communism, sufism, among other religions and or eastern subscribed philosophies which evolved china into its current selfless rugged dialectic nature.
Sentients efforted and fought as usual, but reverence was placed so much differently and more carefully in the world 2023, the landscapes of the last centurys ruling global authority had become relics and often archived as interest fell mostly on the new world order, which struck most sentients as highly advantageous and useful of the species and individual talents and gifts toward healthy unbiased purpose wherever possible...all the way to the ends of the earth, which were not ends after all, as awareness now informed us of non-finite individuation. this was accepted as practical science, contemporary thought-feeling-knowing.
Yet still they go unnoticed, the silent ones. This is as it is.
And by law, accepted. Awareness has not changed. 2023. Awareness is like it was, half-whole. In need of a consciousness blender. But the laws reflected a great difference. In effect, all diverse perceptions broadcast by sentients and picked up on radios in tunnels, were to be accepted. Non- acceptance, resistance, denial of others truths, abuse against the pioneers of initially unpopular ideas was punished by slow reflexology torture. The feet access all CNS points of sensitivity, and modern culture placed high value on sensitivity.

Desensitivity was about the most malevolent practice as a desensitized sentient was today scorned. All evolution has the fall out of affecting consequential negative feedback, which angles off the light of the fresh vision and becomes the new bastion of ignorant factions which can be discredited yet never completely silenced by current waves of heart centered caring intention... (part II to come).

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