Monday 28 February 2011

just has to move, i pray, please, anywhere but here -- anywhere-

What happens when you try and live in the moment and you learn to let the immediate past go like ashes thrown to sea through air. sometimes its gonna be salty, the residue, other times its gonna be so blunt to the taste you might curl up in a ball and i might throw the palms of my hands into the fucking wall and the paint starts to melt in the heat between two people who have expressed mutuality and love for half a year maybe, yet distribute hate to one another like its the hottest deal around. right?

Right. theres no denying it, theres no whisking the dirty truth off your baby button down now, girl, you gotta get a hard unseeded lifeless force field, and sadly, not let the self she so embraced once out? into that space so sacred that circle you said? and the dreaded life inside there? i mean, what happens next, like every half hour, is some sea change comes over our atmosphere and our ghosts pick up on the darkest secrets and influence our consciousness. its not good or bad. it just is. we are only to accept it and learn to restore the wholesome love that we truly indeed did establish, no one can take that away.
 i love you
          you love me

point and so very blank was she

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