Monday 30 August 2010

peacock parallel...I of II parts

Quiet was the week
Had to stop my tongue,
had to

rollaway my cheek...

Ascend up the steep side
of Mute peak

 - katya

Of atomical analysis
in empirical wstern  laboratories
of the paradigm challenged

thyroid failures (allostases)
cancer treatments via baking soda
ye-o dilutions via the same
scientifically established
and material in legal cases...

therefore the common people
could now be swabbed
handled with spray on gloves
vacuum packed
and filed in the common peoples

archived, licked, smacked,
shot into bloodstreams IV
 FEELING shift
             MOOD SHIFT
psychological shift
biological shift
spiritual shift
soul shift
   ENVIRONMENTAL discrepancies
Occupational plane symptomatic of
marked lapses...

unemployment rose with
disability claims
requiring new protocols of
tightening of credit
and the commoners
required public defenders
just to secure SSI
(the leaking well of tax funds)

The top crust of class hierarchy
(blue bloods and new bloods)
Shot into space on high fructose corn syrup anti-gravity  thrusters
leaving snail trail sugars
for everglade ecosystems...

to see crop blown up on into manic sunset
the original landowners and farmers in a squeeze
vulnerable to corporate or mormon real estate acquisitions
at deep discount wholesale auctions
conducted by the police
to offset their cost of living
(without any associated breakouts of guilt)

THen came the
ravaging of circular spirals into the systems
onto the internet news and social media sites
all across the planet in diverse languages
 entire hierarchies of temperate zone bugs
so out of their minds in the spiral maze
psychotic bugs
ladybugs, cucarachas, lightning bugs, potatobugs, rose bugs
all gone psychotic


The movement of debugging had just to evolve
out of the melting polar glacier
which was bugging...
 became a

movement of bugging
up to the highest echelons, government sanctions
cia/fbi wiretaps from penthouse suites
to dopespots on streets

In this society plane upon which they nested
most came to be swept out from under the rug

once kept
now given,
faded oriental patterns where
ancestral symbols B living
into infinity
for all anybody knew
(not empirically true)
most likely true

Thought processes followed the mishap
psychiatrists benefited
tightened screwed wrapped around insurance collars
stuffed at red lobsters
ddhouse - katya  c2010
stuffed like lobsters
unlimited raw bar tab thrown in
appeal to the human primal appetite , full up and satiate,
overbloated the check, they pleaded until he wrote it!
across from some corporate pharmaceutical associate smiling
any integrity deprioritized
taken no floor, holding no stand
boundaries up in smoke tonight
cubans with dominican seed we for dessert.

days later
pushing new generation neurotransmitter supplements
as antidepressants with disclaimer --
'Only effective inconjunction with therapy'
and  'only refillable via psychiatrist office visit'

referrals to specialists never hurt
and then a ten minute assessment of symptology...
often leading to titration of current medication
or buttressed with symptom relieving prescriptions
all in the name of the comfort of the patient.

little did they know the karmic implication, unless the provider
was selfless and true advocate for patients... actions and choices
neurotransmitted up and out and through the crown chakras for
universal reception and response line sent by telegram
down to the kinds of negative feelingstates
that might push back
inspiring of activism on many fronts
immersed into cultural distrust of psychiatry
and thus the appropriate evolution
of westerners taking walks
through chinatown
for alternative cost-effective herbal
and chinese medicinal treatments
often direct from the source
that is nature.

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