Tuesday 10 August 2010

Installment # IV

The love was developing at a rapid pace, maybe overexposed, pulled out of the darkness too soon and struck blind by the rays of the midday sun. might have been so tragic, lost. could have been so elevated, mysterious, revered comme the unknown. or have been stomped out like the dark heart of the fire left smoking some dawn deep south in the chill of american winter.

well. so be it. For the end was worth the means...a couple of smiling young American ladies of Pole and Germanic heritage, talkin trash and slappin knees, ankles, asses...bellies. The surrounding ones fell often into orbit paths, stolen from agendas and drives, like a flush from Ace up hearts stolen, just missing the hearts five.
'Luxe Blue''  Katya 2010

this was why not a word was written in 14 days thats two weeks.... experiential trip. all intellect stole away. pointed fingers became tails between legs. cat became a kitten, dog no longer barked at the chicken. all was changed. these two, they were the centrality now. they were smitten (need not be said, smitten too were the orbiting masses) here onstage at the luxe blue. All Vegas spit dustorms of envy into spirals upward to catch the momentous LIVE LIVE LIVE affair. but fell back to desert from the rush of blue light reverberation, and air.

Scion of emotional star bursting. hunger satiate watched thirst in her thirsting. could soul attachment have been peripheral to the masses? glossed over like a phase, like a fling? these questions were not worth researching towards result. the salt and pepper essentials showered in the moment on devotees. cult following for sure. they came from all points to worship pointlessly. i mean in the locus wherever, nebraska where the ground was now sacred. in some farmers mudfield. acrid. cracking. losing wholeness. fragmenting, crying, becoming soulless....or was this too easy an assumption?

Another girl who considered herself a lady in reverse, met a lady straight forward, tense, angry, and terse. soulful they spoke to one another, against all common reason. it took a flash! like only a couple seconds to season. this kind of compassion born of receiving the gentle touch of blue. of 2 special girls. bringing light to one another, then projected to you and you. and you and you. and you.

The temporal went DL, the demons back to hell, all backed up withdrew! from the knowing that they knew. the coming together of two elements -- air and earth -- enough to descend from air and fall cresting to the turf... gone down to where we could base unite. acceleration back up to flight.

Whatever they did was blessed magic. Courageous precise movements which by a less than full spirit would have meteored, tragic. Magic.  what no one knew or could see. she became a touchstone. I became still and glowing. Silent tall, the trees.

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