Wednesday 4 August 2010

Installment III - 'danger in safe ways'

She did for me, what no one knew or could see. what we did for we. she became a touchstone. like a mirror catching my image too. i tried to see my self blurry....the becoming had accelerated been, time got lost again. gotta stare for a while, or not look at all? brush my hair to either side to find the child within. the spirit, the foundation.
Photo by Katya 2010

with you became simple like locks and keys replacing handwheelrevolutions.
the ressurection of love moved like science -
well lit. even

still it was subtle and quick. like some sleight of hand magic trick. but it wasnt. all i know is the synchronicity, the energy, enlightened us in our dark loneliness of days past, years of silent waning waxing...

Taxing to the spirit! this kind of rush.
fallen away to

A dancer had inked the heart she wanted on her, the tag. This the heart she  wanted tore in diverse ways, and so it was...
barbed wired
touched to fire...

cut across in all sort of way
pinned on her arm to fade the days away.

and away we went, ya, each day spent. emotional. touching ever closer. yet still impossible the way it was situated, ya know, never quite fit the rank and culture demands. made us mad. made us fugitive. made our lands what we had no passport to, no more, disappeared overnight, pulled out from under, rip-tye-dyed blood red affiliations. they go for your heart, having none of their own. they wont have this, for we wont have this. i wont have this. you wont have this. distant like fantasy. all of it. yet so real like her, like me.
we cried almost out loud.
then sighed so sad you know the weeping willows wept.

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