Monday 2 August 2010

Part 1 : why us two? 2K...'danger in safe ways '

de jeunesse our love so strong...

forte true like muscle (sinew).  and so, within days, this love she grew and grew. could not be contained this was.... why? you ask, oh how? BECAUSE! love i could say with artisan flair. love is fast and transparent  (comme air).... we inhale her. she fills us. exhale...then the cycle, she pulls us. you dont exhale and just stop breathing? you dont feel love without her becoming your living vitality? your cause!

she saw me first, yes, and when i saw her back...fell away all jurisdiction, laws... all rules & protocols. thats how it was. thats how it must be sometimes, against the mass understandings. complicated to find yourself up on a wave, surfing.but the edge im not afraid of, nor was she...we both knew too soon the edges were what we were made of.

the immediate memory was hearing through grapevines.  the word on the street some blonde tall divine. the young Russian even said so, the girl who lost her mind. 'shes real sweet. shes real, you will find.' the Russian, well, you know, she was not often so kind. since her thrill left her dark on the streets. nowhere to rest, no desire to eat. maybe possessed. tough hands. tough feet. still somehow old soul, though small and petite. not the kind so remarkably street.

so when i felt her across from me the room. shaken from where i was moored,  i lifted my head. i was preaching my sense at the time, talking and moving my feet. i had just made a spirited streetscience-esque beat. i was raised not on books, no, but saltpepper corn and wheat. or so i liked to be believed. truth somewhere in there, sometimes retrieved. i lifted and looked, and returned was the look in her eyes. some wornout of wornout, sighing of sighs. i felt this in my thighs. sat back down quickly. crossed my legs. the ladybug i had brought as mascot of the place, nowhere near me. she caught me i her, we caught us by surprise. not like some web. but rather some appreciative compromise. a promise with just a subtle look in the eyes. enough to know what lives, what dies.

part II is next...

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