Saturday 28 August 2010

alchemicals distance themselves from chemicals at the dance

i can say it now
          tell it like it was...for it is
                                                     as it was
  undying still
all inside unlocking memories
half with chills thrown up
                                             in the air
  some despair
coming down in daggered sleet to soft snow.

her edges fit comfortably,
the night terrors --      i held her through.

i raised my head no longer burdened,
trusted my sentient self to her care. ..

her whole being was

light and most giving
. she held me through some waves
                                                           some winds
time past
           passed grieving


ashes of my baby girl
in cedar safely laid to rest...

like the sacred ash tree
in visuals
in sleep

our embrace.
our tears...

all the rest
tommorrow i will turn the tables
             tomorrow i
                        i release the tourniquet of your stressedness

we can eat shrimp
                                and ice cream?

back to that place we adore.
                                     legs tangled up...
             deep kissing


        stood, the trust.
stand by me
                  by you
Katya 2010
                        stand I.

and those times i turn
--over over over over over--
in your arms

and just cry

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