Friday 31 August 2018

last dream in august

this morning i am early to rise
a dream i had stays with me
but i do not remember until
i get a phone call from my best friend
who also is early to rise

i begin to share with him my dream
for he was in it and in it
i had to call 911 because i was worried
about him

the officer on the phone
listened and asked me questions
then calmed me and reassured me
it was good that i called and

i had no need to worry any longer
about my friend and
gave me a bible verse which was
Corinthians 3:16

i only call up these numbers
when i recount the dream to my friend
who called me and who happened to be
the subject of the very dream!

he asks me do i know the verse?
i do not and i do not
 often read my bible anymore so
right then and there i 

call up the verse online and 
cannot even get through it 
without fighting back tears...

Do you not know that you 
are the temple of God 
and that the Spirit 
of God dwells in you?

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