Wednesday 22 February 2017

we are young -ii-

i hurt by all the friends i lost
by my involvement more than anything
 they ever did

a revolving door of well-meaning kids 
who tried to help this kid 
when this kid was deeply

now and again a horror
such a demon at times
 i been 

have i healed or will i ever
be so terrible you will
not wanna remember me

turn the blinds down
light up the no vacancy
keep me far away

have i done the same
 to you

i believe i suffered 
(before and after you)

i am young

lead me -- oh! -- very young what 
of darkness and derision
 to faith from 

inside out of me 
-- of us all -- like 
vapors we pass

change us
 i am sorry

as we get older i believe
 in our presence
we are young

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