Saturday 26 October 2013

hallowed. electric

You don't wanna know how i feel in this madness. I don't wanna feel in this madness. I don't know. You don't wanna know. Something comes across my affect, and my bones have to pick me up and exorcise it anyway I can. Otherwise I'm a goner.

See them walking across the bridge at midnight, hand in hand? Watch them approach. Shades, they are shades. The black cats pour out of the giant dry pipe in the bedrock. The river has long dried up. The fish have long since gasped for water. The air is zero humidity.

The black cats they shock one another in the crackle of a dry invisible tension of world of breathlessness. With each shock, jumps one over the other. The black cats. Each shock jumps one over the other. Feline electric.You don't wanna know.

They are shades. They walk right through your frozen fear. You don't wanna know how it feels. It is frozen, and they walk right through it. Like it's nothing at all. They walk all over. The clear sound of heeled hooves, becomes the pitter patter of mice then ants. Smaller and smaller. Like oak wood falling out of its rings. A puddle of paper pulp, bubbling into the ground. The pores in the ground make a sucking sound. You don't wanna know.

body electric by katya, 2013

Shocked. Jumping one over the other. Body electric.

Terror strikes the hearts in half. The blood pools on the ground. The earth sucks it up. What is seeded, is beyond pale. A frightening smiling face, hanging off the neon stalks of a dark night evolution. The friends, all dried up and give birth to this. They call them so-called.

It will shock you.You don't wanna know. In the shadow of the shades, I become a black cat. Jumping over another. Darting back into the pipe. Feline electric. Back to the source. In the cold, dark, Halloween night.

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