Sunday 20 October 2013

Candle (excerpt #2)

" I came to in a world I never knew. I came to, only to pass out once again by the weight of new things. My blood trickled down from my nose, pressured by the weight of my senses all colliding to interpret. My marrow beamed electric inside my bones. Like the weak light from the circuitry of some twentieth-century pinball machine relegated to some dark corner somewhere, to cover up a crime. "

Note from the author...

This was an excerpt from a short story I have been writing, based on a popular post I wrote recently,  titled the candle
Thank you, my dear readers. I realize now (and can appreciate) that in a sense you have been my beta readers all along, as far back as 2007 when i started this blog. I can run my ideas past you, and look at my stats from time to time, to gauge your interest in the material. 

Going forward with faith as a self-published author, I know that I am not alone in my process. I thank you. 

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