Sunday 27 October 2013

Girl Without Borders #41

The digital copy of my debut novel is free today on, and currently trending #41 in the Urban Genre ebook best sellers list. Judging by my peers books in that category, my book has been slightly miscategorized! Other popular titles in Urban Fiction (by wonderful authors, bless their hearts) include:

 'The Lipstick Clique 2'
 'Trust No Nigga' (love that one!)
 'Jump Off Bitches'
 'His Thoughts, Her Thighs'
 'Duffle Bag Bitches'
'Black Butterfly 2: Eboni Machiavelli'

Talk about Titles Without Borders. I will guarantee you my book is as shocking or more, as any of them.
You can support my spiritual fitness plan by reviewing or rating my book, if you decide to take the time to read it!

Meanwhile, I will work on on spicing up my next title.
A couple ideas I have in mind:
 'Player Hater Conundrum, Volume #86'
'Snitches 4 Bitches'
'OG - OMG!

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