Wednesday 2 December 2009

community found by way of chance. sudden strike of light slash romance.

i lifted my hands, i lifted my head, divine carried through me, awakening the dead. i opened my eyes and thought of lies i heard, thought of the lies and how absurd. became convinced my sincerity could be the true word, ya. as i walked through my life and up and off of my path, ya, i learned that my word showered down a soft rain...
fell on those who had suffered coming across, you see. grateful were they and grateful was I, mastered the category, dispelled half the lies had led them down, fell back to the ground, no sound, no weight at all, i was too fucking tall they saw, and so i got chopped to size, they took me down on paper (the 'wise'). Dubbed me 'corrupt', dub it was the fashion. they sentenced me without any passion.
Tears and tears are how i am defined, and the paper i use.... well its got no lines. and the road i drive is so alive with danger, they double up patrol and overtime all rangers. you know the stranger i picked up? just because he need a ride. no reluctance, no hesitation, running free like a mack truck. you cant touch what im saying? no delay. stop loss. you wonder how i got the holes out of holy cross? maybe its sunshine and maybe its fine, maybe its soulful and sung into space. anyway you like or hate, anyway you rate. make no difference no how. cause the rules no longer rule.
if you got a harvest you better damn trim it, cut it, make it clean and prosperous and shared . its the stretch of stretches, the lex of lexus. prefix it for the table. extend the cable so you cannot see what you eat or whose around you. give thanks for the people who prefounded you. whatever you do, no looks in mirrors.
medusa and shes got the snakes in her hair. she likes to lie around, play truth or dare. you know the games that she plays she learns them by heart, all of the men they think shes a tart. but shes a queen yes she knows! and the way that she glows, so brightly you see that you cant find your key. if you cant locate you then how will you locate me?
in the sky its so high, the thought pollution, the chains; we lie in the dark and listen to trains. in the backyard beyond all the clothes on the line, you feel so damn bleached you know, you feel so damn fine....
unemployment runs high, the well has run dry while china flash and smiles, quickly buying up our styles. Still the jeans they are tore, man, at the knees where we fell... just another one from the well.

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