Thursday 17 December 2009

falling...into the sky....brings out blue & yellow eyes

She found herself falling...not a free fall but relaxing the mind to mindful, affect to attitude, dropping to life of tropic of latitude... she was falling for him, he became the one, day by day as she begin to understand the greater meaning, not just an ordinary light, no no no! this touching of souls wore out the sky like summer suns. she was falling, ya

she fell... deep into the well so pure of love so fresh! caught softly by latticework of natural knowing just where it was she suddenly but surely belonged! beneath the power of his spirit, the righting of all wrongs, ya, there beneath the heartfelt singing of songs you can see her already prone and looking up to him...she lonnnnnnnnggggssssssss!! his presence -- way he carried himself -- all came together running like watercolors into the sky.

all the times she ever fell came coursing through her memory, and they looked something like this : a child falling out of arms, towels, sheets....a child fallen generously from the stars, through the times, roulette kinda zodiac signs. baby girl falling off a chair, holding up her hair. off a swingset, jump up into a fall to feet in sand. then the stubborn teenage girl, fallin off in grades. cat fights with other girls, she falls out of favor of some clique or another. fallen off the balance beam, this time no one to catch her. decline of rollercoaster. life spinnin' faster and faster it seems to her. she feels fallen cant fall no more! her body aches her feelings sore. decline of summer...loss of virginity... misguided by the boys she feels fallen like a whore, fall into leaves. they beat down he door. into arms of boyfriends she fell. life was swell. out of friendship. out of love in various ways. into despair and maze of mind. slip and fall on black ice, come now rewind. nothin nice. but always she had picked herself up, dusted self off. by choice.

she spun herself round thrice with the energy she received from source secondary to prayer and gratitude. her truth premiered uncut & nude - original. vulnerable. her sincerity unlocked her, heated the colder unfeeling parts within, defrosted ice. As chain reactions connect and react, so happened she dissociated fear. critical to mission. critical to transformation of me to us. had to be peeled away, spun apart (the fear, the lust) the only natural commensurate start. outcasted for good, out of her aura! (they say fear walked away on some bitch named Laura, whose karma was foul & now became later, who ran a redlight, shrieks of terror, shaking heads locked in sight of her tragedy, folks with firewalls around avatars, who at home seek comfort by waging wars (our girl shook fear off so decidedly, fear was clocking hundreds per hour and very near missed them!

hell, breathe! now she could breathe. now she felt relieved. in and out of the city streets did she weave herself, feeling gradual improvement in health. CNS was no longer braced, flight or fight mode had been set aside, cold cased. not a phone call left untraced. she had followed her line all the way back as blood trails, generations upon generations of highs & lows. she picked out the most hardworn souls in her unknown memory and chose the ones like her, quite an array of personality. borderline, bipolar, extreme rapid river of feeling was the usual. The dress and attitude: casual. Those who know they know nothing, who can call out when youre bluffing. Smart to the backalleyway rules of the street. Able to withstand miles walking through november sleet. And breathe! breathe out mist. Gloves from the knuckles worn up to the wrist, made of wool. Working class types who work under the knife, the gun, or the cock...the kind who might know well the sound of turning a lock. You see survival in their eyes. They keep their cash in their sock.

These were the ones she came from, she smiled to herself. She had love her spirit always did rise secondary to her efforts to arise. they say this brought out the blue and yellow of her was said about her fall into the sky....pronounced (the sky) the ocean of eyes. lightened (the sun) the yolk of eyes. this kinda action came not easy, but of many tries, many tries. manny manny, manny manny tries.

so what of this so called sky? was their rain? i mean, did it cry? well yes. no lie. tears can be as much for joy as for pain, like criminals and innocents find themselves both in chains. the so called healing of the nation, yet obvious to everyone its a true fucking damnation. Eagle infused with quality of vulture. one of the things she fell out of love with, her culture. Day by day, hour by hour. Stress -- time for another hot shower. wish she had a bath. Desperate to keep the meaning meaningful... what had been beauty, beautiful. Sometimes hoped to fail to understand reality. 'how unreal' she might say. Reality could be so dehumanizing, as its arising. escaping reality often became her (and millions) preference. not surprising.

the sky was full with juicy pearls of water (they call rain) and emotional content, yes, the sky she fell into was the open eternity of new love. manifested suddenly, mysteriously, with great and undeniable patterns of synchronicity criscrossing in waves and tides. the outcome: in him, she confides. in her, he confides. mi casa su casa brought them home to where they currently reside. they addressed one another with great feeling like that contained in the pearls that burst upon the sunlit sky of newfound sacred scary full of fucking wonder immersion down under the weight of passion and unknowing, leading, learning, teaching, towing....the seeds of some big harvest for two lives to thrive in, had undeniably been sown! the sky could hold them. the sun could soften. almost every day they touched...well, quite often.

so this was the rush of it, neurotransmitters in transit....falling right into it with her. this big adventure. no expectations or agendas, really, quite pure. neither of them had been looking for anyone, and he had gone so far as to say the girl would have to really juice him, crush him, peel him out, the girl who would be chosen. when he saw her the first time, all was sudden and frozen. times he looked at her within the two hours of first contact, well, possibly a dozen.

she herself, she was often found contemplating the recent death of her cousin. sandy blonde named sandy. not long of the earth, late thirties laid to rest. she prayed for some movement of spirit, like migration to west. her cousin was from the east. she was clearly west. although the ways of being may have been opposite, she leaned clearly east. though nothing did not matter, in double negative speak, not one but both had seen part of them deceased. the way she knew her, and got known back, the love they shared, so worn and cracked.

so she did not notice, the first few times they met. she would arrive and stand or sit or lie. he was drumming with some friend, some guy. she was usually tired from travel. had her energy released, unraveled. he saw her vulnerable there in one room. he wanted to talk to her, hoped it would be soon. she knew him only by his music, the drumming, well, his soul infused it. it carried into her and grounded her well. she no longer feared getting carried away, the groundswell. his smile she found hella kind, compassionate and giving. A West Indian with dreads, she found this riveting. But unknown to her as he was, he felt her eyes penetrated deep. he felt she knew him or he knew her somehow? someway? past life? quantum leap. into eachothers consciousness they began to seep.

she got distracted almost every time, people talking to no end. around her space was confined and small. she generally waited on her friend, a man. This dread, he saw she was hella tall. and gravitated to her being so easy, like his music had her heart synch up. they were in for a colllision! or unification! some amazing new relation creation! they might just light up the supermarket mags, this sublimated couple a global sensation!

the sky they fell in opened to all possibility. the chakras were tuned for the vibration of chi. iani became entangled with jah on mount zion. allah and buddha exchanged smiles in the hot sun. looking up to the sky was yeshua, age: real young. the stars had aligned, all this must have happened. no other explanation! tea leaves and i ching followed suit, if you trace them. the old sufi wisdom went west without explanation.

the two lovers they stayed up all day and all night. taking in all, not taking nothing but light. it was clear as day their shared intuition. they followed this far past the five senses, way beyond individual volition. they spoke to one another in different ways, various tenses. no words made silence unapprehensive... or just fine. in one another they saw the divine. the world became afixed in rose colored lenses. the embrace full, it need no verbal. the charge? shotgun! amplified! ya, accelerated to light speed via turbo.

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