Wednesday 25 November 2009

november ran its colors out on the streets, via trees

november this year she came she went, gotta get her down before shes gone, capture her now in all her beauty, earthy and fall-like sign she flash. shes a queue-T. parlez-vous francaise? miss second to last month of the year. 'mais oui. oui...' She whispered out on autumn coolbreeze, like aircon melting the heat behind the summer kick it in the park kinda dope kinda beat. only find her in the street. that kinda wild. cannot be filed! no finger stops her! shes that wild sorta child. the one prank callin, 2am your number she dialed, october 31st, told ya 'im coming!' hung up before you cursed her, goddess true. whats the matter with her? its YOU you need to look at, U you need to check. so back up a sec and hold second to reflect on the pavement. colored maple leaves such a nice effect. she lets us do the scratchin on this album of hers, our feet pushing leaves across the country at all hours. pushin and shoving shes prepared for the chaos! soft landing in leaves is her special kinda sauce, so subtle you dont know it, if its the garden she grow it. if its the truth she throw it right threw your living room window, keep the skies clear, air cool. all the kids walk back to school. laughing and communion, big deal to miss novemba, that all of us get Union. and pay our dues. united we wont lose. turn the clocks back if you choose, she saves you ample time, dont snooze! take advantage and hit the streets. the clarity b so sweet in november giving thanks. dropping guard and careless ranks. only number is your own, be true to you and find your own tone and style, miss november wait a while! je t'aime, je te desire, in lux of lunar we embrace. any locus any place. your fades are subtle, your tone is soft. your spirit elevates... kick it in the lofts! carry your sound! trunks break up the beat. december loves you so...close to his breast he keeps...the clasp of november rain. gold leaf it makes the chain. october saw your back, and knew in you could trust. the love of life in kind...the love for you from us. run your colors, light your skies. give away your lasting hope to dawn and open eyes.

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