Wednesday 9 December 2009

oh how the one closest to my heart can take her out too

the terrible deed! was less than surreptitious. not under cover of night (the thiefs element) but in the break of daylight. the beating dead center got boosted like some koolaid kids juice did. panic and tears and sugar red lips. grasping out stretching a bunch of pale fingertips. this crime to be fathomed was deeper than surface. leaving whole systems off balance, allostasis. listing to one side and left dry was oasis. the upcoming of impact to eco-system was tensed. teeth clenched in the moment, with mind on the future, the blood drains perpetually, the history designed. looking up in the daylight she stared at the sun and around it, blindly...the stars had aligned.

sweet silent morning of the night, pre-dawn reprieve from us walking our soles hot with friction, thinking our heads sore descramblin diction....the scene absent of us reads headlines: BENEDICTION! no one would think one would get their licks in, on such a crystal clear pristine purity, but clockwork keeps moving. proving must be succeeded by proving, no stoppin only moving. like ladies puttin tricks in...hitting bricks again, now and then, never not, gotta always be ready to strike. iron in the coldest metallic hail, steady hot, you can feel it. dont deny it. you gotta deal with it. may as well settle (down) to groove-in.

not sneakin into that sacred space, no, not a thief in the night after my heart. one hand on the left ventrical, other on the right. oxygenated blood pulsing all over... you shoulda seen the sight. and why because i let him there. opened up and met him there. i kept a year long vision, or should i say stare. because the truth be now told, some care less ness in some cooling kinda season. watching him so close in my vigilance i thought. disorder aka chaos in my life had been controlled, had been caught. so i thought. and thought wrong like the part where the song goes astray, improvises out, and no one fights the wandering...leading to a waterfall hurtful kinda tragic falling... doom aka death aka rebirth aka change aka not as bad as we make it out to be but still it throws us sometimes all into a hyperventilation, sucking for help from any being, any nation. feeling the panic. then you are panic is you are bright lights: PANIC.

so i thought we had built some decent trust. something to hold onto, each other true and accountable for the love created. tending it, neverending it. as best we mighty can. and then i thought we felt peace like...that we felt the release like...?
or even the essence of the godsgoddessesgoodlordbuddhallah all up in a casserole.
sung praise so to save every single soul from above.
i found myself
praying and praying hard as i can, trying so hard to let go...
so hard holdin on to myself, self embraced clutching ribs holding my water in, ex (communicating) my every breath...
nothin left...
nothin left.

the eyes press water by salt.
it aint his it aint hers -- aint nobodys fault.
how come? when sourced from what so honeysucklesweet?
how does this lifeblood
leave ya bereft and beat?
tired and past.
requiring 24/7 chewing on nutrient roots
not to refresh the spirit
nor to replenish the body...
no. simply to LAST.

well it happens that way, it happened that way.
every day im remembered by the silence where once beat the heart
the core. now no sleep.
this shit is hella deep!
gotta keep on movin, out and back into
try and find me, im a steady movin target
and let me tell you now leave your GPS behind
before i forget
now again i shift careful
out of earth element
sweeping up in the wind
dont worry, i wasnt an evil spirit
come because you sinned
be not afraid

out of sight was i
now back to earth was you
jack the volume up in your impala
fade the fader back to the boots
slammin nightlife energy into your roots

jack the central nervous system
down a notch
feel the music hit and bounce
across your midsex...
now dance for the man
with the single malt scotch

i follow you without your knowing
your aura is simply glowing
i will protect you best i can
im your biggest spiritual fan

i weave off the mans cologne
into the honeys
perfume pullin them away
or back around him
i orbit like a moon
surround you like a cocoon

you lick the cream
off the whip of monsoon

i spray off into space
club kids rollin all over the place

you tumble weed right out the door
like the desolate crossin
next to unknown already
highway #4

thats when your heart stopped you
for a second
you took me
i takes you back there
you beckon

to that lonely discarded feelin
we felt
in the desert

your cards they fold
the game is up
the two of us
are all we got

no family, no love like that
a love like this! is all exists!
its enough i tell you
dont ball your fists
quick grab my hands!
now grab my wrists!

bow down we will
and turn around
retrace our steps
without a sound

hold hands it cant
be done alone
abandon all
cellular phone

take back the faith you tossed!
take back the land you crossed!
time is come you
find salve
for heart

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