Thursday 22 October 2009

Message from Katya of some relevance (in her humble opinion) to whats going on here?

Hi. I didnt want to do this, you know, interrupt the verses and S.P.E.A.K. to you all. But what you resist, persists. So really with all gratitude and deference to anyone who gives me a fat second of your onlinetime, - KAP KUN KAAA! (means thank you in Thai). you mean alot to me, you are the tension of the wire that makes this thing grow. I could get carried away and call you the sunlight the plant grows toward, but thats too close to self-id = plant. (Which used to be an insult in these parts).

I am here to let you know what im working on.... attaching V.O.C.A.L. T.R.A.X. to these pieces somehow, so you all can hear me read them alound. All you will need is a speaker. All i need is my mp3 player to rig it. i discovered a method one late night bouncing off my bedroom walls messing with softhardware and so on. So this is exciting (!!) because you know i never started this thing way back when i could have...i didnt like the idea of reading fiction or someones heartfelt letter off of a screen. Cause screens started as television and pong for me, and that was just a lower form of life or reality, know what i mean? just substandard. wrong side of the trax (the $$$ side i mean). A pretender, or just less than the real. less than the real. there ive said enough.

I have gotten over that mostly, and got this thing running. manifest. and that feels good. but i want alternate media. cause i have def come across acquaintances and peoples who have interest maybe in what im doing, but either cannot read or cannot enjoy reading off screens or dont want to have anything to do with any kind of b-l-og anyways. so i lose people. but its not about losing people like its about amplifying experience, adding levels, waves. i wanna say 'fifth wave' and stuff that sounds really brilliant, but whatever. tertiary point: Vocal trax will add a spice to the recipe, and make these verses more palatable. maybe finally someone will actually digest the whole enchilada.

I am no vocalist, no singer, (shower singer, yes), no trained puppy in range and note and music. But i can play chords on an acoustic guitar and give you my best indigo girls. or bob marley. i like to sing, yes i do. and i like to read my verses aloud. So yes, this is all for me and all for you and all for the benefit of who knows who. So look out for the first attache to one of these verses, it will probably just be a link at the start or end, so you can hear it. I will need some time probably to get into it myself, to feel it and express it. I just spoke one out that had to be erased immediately after birth. The second one is okay, but kinda monotone, so im not sure ill post it. But ill know when i strike the feeling carried in the words, vs when i miss it, so i probably wont post until i nail it. hope u like it.

thats really about it. i have wide eyes and a big smile for you all. a big hug, too. really, i mean it. thanks for caring about any of this. makes me wanna care about you and all this, whats going on here. i dont know where it will go. it doesnt matter. its worth it... so if u wanna keep reading, heres some crap i went on about before i got to the point, just some more talk about feelings and stuff. most women can talk feelings right into the ground, and i have that special talent as well...but theres a nice rant in here too....

...I think whats going on here, the writing, the reading, the feeling, is mainly about the third for me = the feelings get me juiced. the feeling of writing. not knowing where its going. letting it unfold. feeling it. finding some zone where everything falls away but the material. ya, the process is alright, just alright, real nice sometimes. Thats alot. My heart is in it. Im a skeptic, yes, but i am really fucking excited about whatever is happening right now, everywhere. Fuck the forces. The forces are just baseline, constant. Gravity, etc. for me its the feeling that carries the life. okay? (imagine Terry Gross from Fresh Air in a chair opposite me. haha.).

well, i wanted you to know what im working on. I changed some of the fonts you may see. Subtle. But used some bold to make the words burn right out the screen like photons, ya, light photons to enlighten, ya. A mouth full of love and light, energy and consciousness, is all you need to get out in front of the card carrying, burner-associating, fireart-spinning, cirque de soleil worshipping, mandala vortexing, subutex chewing, integrative-spewing, motivational interviewing,non-impact iphone-toting, probiotic-touting crews that tend to put the screws in you and me these days, 40oz of kombuchas deep into the night.

But really, Im here to share with you the entree of my new Tesla inspired, organic clay fired, eco-spiral-transmogrifier. Call me a liar, but its sitting right there next to my deep deep fryer. Touche! no, wait, thats way old school, scratch it from the record, replacer with namaste. (my Canadian friend responds = fin

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