Monday 12 October 2009

the code

wind pick up
hair fly all around
dust pick up
fly away
then back down

(took away
the ground)

pick yourself up
without no sound
pick it up

(yer self
up & dust off)

midwest heart
lost in some storm
tragic art
(backed by)
beats forlorn

(shes fallin down
on her knees)

then emerged a form
carried by sound
through fields of corn
kicking up dust
in the early morn

pick up truck
racing engine
cowboy luck

(cowgirl you
so lucky

redlights shot back
when he saw her
to a dead stop
he done brought her

flashing headlights
in the dustbelt
felt so warm to her
where she knelt

(sayin prayers
just got answered)

bluelight fingertips
on his window
he rolled down for her
(she was found)
she was sure

she stood there
at the window
big dress blowin round
and around her

(she held it down)

her eyes they cry
out to him
(past the leather and
old spice)

his eyes
like hers
like ice
froze together

tips his hat up
steely- eyed man
need no words
to understand

reached out his arm
reached out his hand
she reached for his arm
stepped up off the land

(holdin dress in one hand)

warm cab lined of leather
dusty head hangin
safe now from the weather
faded flag flyin

heavy breath
falling soft
like kid tears
to his ears

(hard from curses
under breath
hard from heavy
steel years)

he drops the clutch
command of
his touch

wheels spin dirt
want to flirt
asks her her name?
(she whispers weakly)
'its Anne Rain'

he swallows hard
swears by God
pushes truck forward
through morning
through fog

she composed herself
as he found the road
she found her health
he found his heart

he lifted her chin
she looked up at him
he looked at her
they followed the road

second nature like

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