Friday 30 October 2009

dangerous waxing of letter # coded flu

dangerous indeed!
in the days we lacked attention to read
subtle feed
name revoked and replaced with the special letter # code

universal opportune translation
laboratory decoders
in quiet desperation
blanketed from media

Holy1 uNholy1
the holy war keeps score

Haunted1 Nascent Sun
waits for sunset & the bloodlet

Hither1 Nither1
back and forth - figure it out

north atlantic catfish come to mind
out of mud darkness
black black cloud

global censor suddenly opens
leaks some precedent phrase
like a hole in the ozone
leaking solaradiation rays

anticipators look up amazed
awakened by antecedent delays
in Precedent City...
they gazed and gazed

whole world thrown off!
foundation gone soft!

quarantine her anyway you can
the CIA instructed
(if youre American
you obey the command)

though it was all i could do
simple writer in my city
i did not want to be the one
blacklisted (what a pity)

i formulated a plan
between toes in the sand
'isolate by floating commas'
was how i ran

(i saw the progression)
(it was kinda fun)

h-one n-one
hon-E none

(she became more than a code)
(she became some 1!)
now i could see her clear
bring me my gun
(i mean my pen)

(she started to break apart)
(her dissolution)
(my beating heart!)

now if only i can
sink her in sub-parantheses
wont have to drown all farm animals
in all global lakes

there would be consequences
for these sequences
all sentient beings
scratching sentient heads

H1N1 the Heartless Nascent singular (1)
comes one with three Heads 1
or ghost like
makes None 1

The Hexagram1 Neopagan 1
come from outer space!
beware beware!
the whole of human race

her blessings will infect your cellular
all ove the place

Heater1 Neutralized 1
will heat up your temperature
youre lucky to be neutralized
vaccination that got sent to ya

it meant to ya

Helium 1 uplifts Nebula 1
close proximity to the sun

Hollow 1 point
projects to Nearest 1
such is the spread
of flu contagion

Honey 1 gets Nepollinated
by singular 1 bees
Call it neopolliten
call it beesknees

Takes out Halloween with 1
proceeded day of dead,
i mean November 1.

day of the dead
How appropriate 1
Now 1 will know the signs
and symptoms

Hallmark 1:
of the Nomer 1

Head 1 of the Nation
1 must know

1 Harvest shall be
what Next
1 reaped from the sow

Hat 1 wears atop his head
B Not 1 difference in preventing said

H1Ni new calamity:
couldnt get the shot?
shout profanity!

poor impoverished poor
again barred at the door
children fell & hit the floor

fever would not break

Hot 1
cold sun...
Never 1

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