Saturday 31 October 2009

halloween is the ONLY holiday

halloween is so real. the color of dead leaves. so alive. tonight i will get behind the wheel of some chevy impala, dirt color, and drive. i will smile cause its halloween. the memories so delicious. like answered wishes. i will try again to win the lottery. to spice up this life. maybe some day i will be somebodys wife. who knows. my familia has issues, so i must represent them. we dont kill for drugs and money, no. but we decimate egos and laugh about it like its funny. like some thrill kill cult. music notwithstanding. tonight halloween comes in for a landing. lights up my heart. makes sense, no doubt. the masks we wore. the fake blood and gore. the candy killing teeth. the stepping on crisp leaf. brings you right here. where you can be okay.

like most people, okay. and its really more than that. you cant describe it! you feel the mystery of us all, thats where its at. so i smile tonight under the moonlight. my car became a boat and the ride was tight! subwoofer mia. but the sound is, like, real okay. you know how we all say...its okay, im okay, OKAY!! and when they wanna know more, vampire thirst for your jugular, you just keep on not telling them all the way you feel. cause its difficult to say, its only to feel! like i do tonight. the cool crisp weather is quite alright. the great pumpkin is a beagle. for all i care it might have been a seagull. im quite okay with halloween. how it IS, not how its seen.

its the best damn holiday, halloween. dont argue with me. go petition the queen, vote for christmas or will still be off, im not kidding. but its okay, youre okay! tell it to yourself every day.

i am going out as kinda myself, but all purple and kind of club girl look. cool like the amethyst and iced for the heat of wax melting pumpkins. charlie brown in his sheet. got a rock, got a rock, and another one, too. i feel so much for old Chuck, boo-hoo! boo-hoo! or just BOO cause its fright night. turnin pale as a sheet, like purity of white. all the colors you cant see. vampires hiding in the trees. scary movies. no fees. trick or treating is free. no license, no registration. better than an island vacation. no hassle! i will be going to 2 parties. each one in a castle. im ready to give blood. ill be over soon, in my boat thats a car with a sound system that goes BOOM!! im a kid tonight, in heart and plain sight. see it in my aura. see me in my chevy impala, 1980 like the memories. all culture drops out tonight, its just chills and moans and spine tingling. unification through dark ritual.

its gonna be OKAY like you said when you didnt feel like elaborating. im there with you, in silence not pontificating. the words are clear, like my conscience. and if my karma isnt in perfect balance, its fucking okay! sung in cadence.

anyway i need to joint the night and go. i think about you all the time. thats you, you know. you mean so much to me. i would aim to visit. in my purple clubgirl costume, chewing on plump legumes. my daughters name is Raccoon. shes a cat, i know, its okay, shes still kin. im not crazy! im not living in sin! im like Linus without a blanket, staring over a field of sincerity, all hallows eve brings clarity & sincerity, i hype it up without fear you see. cause it always lives up to its reputation, not just in my heart but everywhere, no joke, even the cotton cobwebs have been dusted with witches broom, no longer flying these days...but soon. not feeling like traveling anywhere. hate to fly matter of fact. clubgirls and witches come to terms with the mummy. the sharing is like peeling the wrap off slow, apple cider sipping while reading Edgar Allen Poe.

you can out for a drink. you can tend fire and think. you can wish the moon full, while you empty all the sugar into heaving bags the little ones carry. this is so. the children make it real. you and i make it real. look into bloodshot black cat eyes. the night makes you wander, yes, it makes me wonder...will i survive? so scary indeed! like mike meyers jacked up on speed. i step on the gas of my chevy, Christine, and puff! trail of blue smoke, as i disappear before you. Christine, you may have heard of her, she caused a hysteria. Stephen King lived to tell about her, well, he claims he did. Hard to know, hard to tell, hes not from the bay area.

i really am happy about the whole damn thing! candles and magic and twilight between. Every other day of the year, is just like, the same! i mean, its far from or its close to...some distance from Halloween. its Okay! we can watch Vincent Price all day! we can go, we can stay. its ok.lots of fringe element to deal with. the taking is over, people! time to GIVE! you hear me? its okay, you do or dont. im matching Mariah up the scale, on the highway like a devil out of hell! blue smoke dropping, high note hitting Halloween right in the newt can or cant relate to my suffering. So deliciously buffering all the sick madness around us. thank the goddess autumn has found us.

delivered. okay. suffering? not today. the palette, shes full. earth air wind fire. whats your burning desire? let it go, fly away. you dont need it...okay. a beautiful soul. inside and out. the moon may not be full, but the feeling is whole. come full circle, you and me. lets end real nice with a heavy hug--- then well send us, spinning and free. into crisp air touching flame. waxy purity. fallen star, clasp and touch. said it was so. believed. it was such.


  1. i love how i can completely visualize this.
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts!
    love u.

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