Saturday 23 May 2009

mellow mood meets memorial day, hell hangs loose (in nefarious atheist shakedown biblical circles or pentagrams for effect)

Was i seeing a porcupine in oakland, hiding behind the Paramount theatre sentries in their two dimensional gold flake glory yet in shade or summer fog just waitin on the good sun? or was it simply deer grass spiking up out of the weathered stone? i looked around me and remembered the old man i passed stepping out and up the Bart tunnel 19th street free sweet rhythm of rollin cars and scufflin feet, dropped back in on him with the two dolllar remnants of my train pass to offer up in lieu of cash. then coming back with a smile on my face by the old man i just met talking to me sweetly with a slow accelerating survived the streets kind of knowing like he had, yet a full set of teeth crisp and white like paper origami button mushroom stalks when he talks. the egyptian couple looks down upon us, i like to believe, ascending mine eyes to theirs up the flowery robes full of their people the egyptian tinged people of oakland.

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