Thursday 28 May 2009

im im-mortal when im im-with u

aint it true! pj harvey speaking volumes. yes i have suffered. they look at me and they laugh. you cant have suffered. you pretty white blonde girl. you daughter of the AR! colonist of the revolution. colonist of the native solution. white devil convolution. ooh! it hurts sometimes walkin around with all this second class privilege! ooh it hurts sometimes when you gotta suffer in bed troublin to breathe troublin to see the mortality in the mirror. oohh when you pray to the porcelain goddess you wonder why? is this really happening? feeling like a teenager or whenever the first time they fed you pabst to the point of no return, throwin the empties in the granite fireplace your dad built with his dad, dead strong in the new hampshire winters, evergreen sheen, snow shine, fine glean, seldom scene seldom seen but where they live free or die. ooh, gettin high on the sly. third try. cry when you come down and lie down when you let go. hit the fret and express ya soul. try as you may, lie into the sunrisen day. play play play! one life to live, but many within. microcosmic son full of macrocosmic sin. a pint of gin all do you in. pray again to the beat of your heart, true. sad sometimes and fully shade of permanent blue cast over you.

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