Thursday 15 September 2016

more than most can take

remember when
            we were


with instant coffee
at the break
  and more than most
can take?

all i got is your

flat screen tv
 a drill
i wanna sell
       some inkjet printers from

the land of lost toys
where we once lived

you related with
 tv characters over me

not the people
not the actors
but parts they were playing
police detectives
not real ones

to miss the
true crime

broken heart hypersensitives
in the land of no shame
got what we wanted
(was) high all the time. how strange
to know it (and still proceed knowing)
   how counterfeit

why is that so fascinating?

 you had me too
 under cosmos
 free internet speed
windows #7
pharmaceutical-grade weed
(you had me)
all about the

my clothes
you washed them dry
i could not keep up with our snail-paced life
i tried

i guess i wrote all
over you

nobody scared me like me
and you in our sorry spiral
toppled up to the dresser
where we made up a million times

 our palette of minerals
 buff and of cream
 finishing powder

 at home where
 we were sure never to
 be seen

(remix @ 2011)

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