Monday 3 August 2015

Third of August

There's smoke particulate in the air from all the fires out here in California, 47,000 acres are burning just north of here, up in Lake County, and things get hazy when the fire is burning inside me. I pray and am thankful when it all clears, and the sky never seemed so blue, the conscience so clear even birds will fly through.

trolley by K
All those nice things anyone ever did for me also shaped my character, not just the things that I have done. Someone sees you struggling and stops what they are doing, to help. Someone's presence. To let you know you aren't alone. Someone's reassuring smile.

I may not be the best at anything. I might not even compete, by choice, hell. But I am more than likely to be there for you when you are down and alone. And when you get your strength back, I will let you go. What a blessing you were for me. Without you, my fire might have burnt me to the ground.

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