Tuesday 1 July 2014


Excerpt from K IS SILENT
'people work better when driven insane -vi / ii)'

That’s what we ought to start calling ourselves. 
Those of us who have sacrificed our sanity, to join the really real. 
Because heroes are the ones who wanna wake up, sunshine, and want you to wake up, too. 
No envy, no coveting nothing. 

No needing of what can be ordinarily supplied, to get them going with their bad selves and into the world that way, all human and scarred, all making mistakes and so forth, all in the luxury of the poor, dishevelled, DIY, really kinda real and sensitive and depressed and anxious and emotional and socially awkward, or not, but creative in a way of living or working all day at some best effort cause, with a heart and some passion or compassion, otherwise sold at such a great discount and cost on some chop-shop butcher block of supposedly trickled-down economics. 

But instead owned 
and held dearly 
though appearing laissez-faire 
or loose 
or otherwise
 inaccurately judged...
 when all it is really, is worn out from trying. 
Worn out from giving. Worn out from being other than.

We are the untold heroes and we are real. 
We don’t need to dream, but we do anyway.

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