Wednesday 14 May 2014

Q & A with K (bloghop questions courtesy of B.Y. Toropov)

B.Y. Toropov tagged me in this bloghop
He is a phenomenal fiction writer and his novel,
 'Jihadi: A Love Story'
just reached the quarterfinals of the ABNA
competition. You can find him here...

What are you working on now?

I am working on and off and on. long days and drawn out waking nights. life gets in the way. I write and write from one to another day. I come lyrically correct. I keep my ego in check. I like to bring my passion to the plate. Hit the muse and dig into my memory crate. Feel it in the hollows of my knees. Sometimes I write because I suffer. I find myself steely eyed cycling through city streets, Sacramento. With my chakras my only memento. My past falling behind me in the wake. Conscious beat to the circadian rhythm of spring. Awake. Sometimes I listen to Drake or Lil Wayne or Coltrane to inspire me. Sometimes not. I run pretty hot. I got what I got and don't need no more. Pick up my chromebook and virtual book tour. From me to you. I hardly knew this was coming. But all I can say is when I freely share, something like an electrical current fills the air around me. And my three cats. Mouse, Boo and Rolly. The houses of the holy.

How does your work differ from others of its genre?

My writings are stylized. Style is my key. Unlocked by my heartbeat, my passion, my sweet sweets. The loves of my life and the loves that I lost, and the world that I dreamed of coming closer, yet still. I mix lyrical poetry and prose sometimes. I flash the fiction, a sudden moment, a teardrop, a piece of time drop. From my head to my heart. The systems all down, come up every day, the words streaming effortlessly into play. I see them, I grab them, they fall in my lap. They are juicy and sugary, like a maple on tap. I come from the woods of New Hampshire, you see, where people will die if they cannot live free.

Why do you write what you write?

I always had trouble getting my voice heard, in social situations. I was a second child. A rebel. An Aquarian. I got a mac plus and began to write my own narrative. My voice had its own little place to exist. From an early age. Maybe 8. Maybe 10. Maybe who knows when? I began to love to write, and express myself, and locate my gps in a mad, mad world. I never stopped. I found myself, writing. I found myself writing. I found myself. Writing. This is why I write, and I write mostly what comes to heart. What comes to mind is fine, but must be distilled by the heart before I push it into paper, or virtual cloudspace. Crowdsourced into plus-dom. Driven by tweets. Wordpressed like grapes into wine. Fresh off the vine of my experiential. And now, when I touch a single soul who reaches out to me, this is worth all the lives I ever lived and some yet to come.

Describe your writing process?

I can write on a train. I can write on a plane. I can write in a bar. I can write on guitar. I can write in a windowless petty old dive. I can write myself out of a noisy beehive. Something happens, alchemical, whereby I get juiced, two becomes four and the deuces get deuced. Then all goes wild and I try to keep up, channeling something risen up from the ground. I write to the rhythms in a place with no sound.

I am tagging two people, whose writing
I have been particularly inspired by in
recent weeks...



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