Saturday 2 November 2013

Excerpt (national novel) #1

Here's maybe my favorite paragraph I wrote, day #1...

"I really would have laughed, I would have. Problem was, I had no fucking clue where I was. No fucking clue whose piece of shit dirty-ass van I was sitting in. No fucking clue why my head hurt, how I got here under the neon light pissing down and the smell of piss all around. No fucking clue about anything, except that my life was clearly derailed and the fear was rooted in the base of my spine and branching out like a tree in flash fast forward photosynthesized heroics. I began to lose my breath and could not catch it. The air felt frozen against my face, and my eyesight suddenly became so sharp I could read the street sign a hundred yards up the hill leading on to the highway. It said Santa Clara Avenue. I said it in my head."

K by K, day 2 nanowrimo!

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