Saturday 27 July 2013

notarize the thighs -ii)

And there in the alleys, lay the sweet marrow of culture...

With ink on the arms and legs and the core. boys and girls who seek safety in all diverse self-expression; who know no other refuge in a lifestyle recession. all races and creeds and classes unite. welcome to the miracle of usa subset! creative. inspired. inspected by #444 yet mostly misunderstood. resistant to the tool and die cast condemnations. flipping the script on all morality-play machinations. the courageously stumbling around in the dark. the seeking to define a new future for all. taking chance to defend the foundation integrity. shooting down any luck of the draw. this is where we found shelter, or where it found us.

where you found me, and i found you. the intimacy between us, beyond any screw. the end of the end of the end of world wars. the anti-authoritarian seam. running up and down the side of some chix flicking-eye-lash. An awesome metallic spark for the scene. The rebellion burning through the black-leather soul. A heavy-hearted embrace, from one to another. In the eyes, we see home. We drink sumatra. We eat seaweed. We laugh and we cry. Back home and we missed you, the whole place got shy. Without the wild heart of a beloved lost soul out at sea. Nourished back home now, and got love for you and me...tbc  xxoo

Katya Mills, 07/13 

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