Wednesday 17 July 2013

Profile: filter systemics, 2013 - ii)

Ya, she was dope like white collar crimes seeping through your walls in a barrage of white noise. Getting a pass even in the Obama reign of overdue terror on starched collar crime spree offensives. Like the library finally collecting on borrowed books. Then throwing the book at them. You only have a chance by immediately exercising your right to remain silent, getting Perry Mason for your lawyer, and certainly never taking the stand. Not even in the appellate courts which, for sure, you can bank on seeing. The be unseen and unheard approach. Without argument at all, in the idyllic case scenario. Prayer circles at night promoted through facebook by the extended defendant family, for some effective tragedy, like a juror's amnestic situational disorder, or a should i stay in lieu of a should i go, or a premoral anarchastic divination, or, just an inequitable act of god ghost-written by the by-law insurance carriers of the judicial branch of our great order of litigation, usa.

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