Tuesday 6 July 2010

bleed out to you. bleed out to me.

i swam then flew then slowed to the beat of the first beating heart, longer
than the 12 count between lightning flash and thunder struck me, your words,
struck me did they just now...you have the style sort of wrapped around
nothing but pure beauty -- Qt -- and shadows, dont forget them shadows.
i am carin' about U but not no more than i care 2.

which means a lot...

wow, you awoke me further into the scene of the sacred circle of our trust
between pinkies, between fences, between ghetto tags, between us. i too have
faith in suffering but not with you. no, not with you. its got to be goldenplatinum
and then sum. its got to be numerologically significant like you know we are crossing
our paths just between a lunar and solar eclispse?!?! this is meaningful in no small
way because i do know you. want to know u to your roots, too.

sexual is insignificant. touch is ember. aura? amber. intimacy? i feel it. i feel you in your
smile in your bartering ways in your dishonesty that honesty conveys. it does no harm
to me, for some reason, only you yourself., and YES believe me when i tell you..

suffering is what we all need and what i have had and what i will have...
but not with you. no, not with you. i want to be there in that nameless cool light
with you, that sacred warm home made of our two styles of written word, our
singing out dope trax like song birds. conjured. unitive. pondered. non-punitive.

filling the emptiness in a way no rules of the road can bear witness. this is why they
call us back. you cant do this! girls, you cant do that! we gonna talk about you behind
your back.!! see? and we dont care, just shrug our shoulders and laugh or sigh. tonight
like every night is a good night to die.

bleed out to the shores of the saltgreen sea.
blood sister
bleed out to you. bleed out to me.

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