Tuesday 13 July 2010

im blessed ...

fuck im blessed! life hella sweet out west. cross any bridge and find yourself. lose yourself in fog and daily grind yourself. the day drips out easy and pure to where you see it right, feel its right. think good thoughts and amplify hope. stamp out the violent end of words, days of lost souls strung out on dope. always for all not easy for all to cope. in honor of heartfelt heartbreak. of another young couple desperate strugglin', ya, for their sake. to tear away from smells, colors, taste of home. its not easy, when you find yourself on the take.

i wake up and open eyes... slowly...wonder were they ever closed at all? see by the coloring of the windowpanes, oh to know again the pure snow of winter! diverse colors of the fall! penitentiary issue clothes now broken in by the lawful, bleached and laundered so many times, looks awful.

worn to remember. now its december. all charges dropped, taxpayer money squandered. this is america two thousand ten. dollar losing strength against yen. golden goose traded in for mudhen. what will we do now? practice mindful zen.
no,no,no. no negativity here. i swear! i love america i wish i could kiss her! shes got all the stray cats we need. shes got nonamericans sweating into citizenship earned. shes peeling like an onion of what she once thought learned. the usa. clearly hiphop and bright silver on a tray. wheels and clubs so hot! to touch. to feel. shes all the fucking artists and screwup writers like me. write what the fuck you want! bottom line: you're free! or so she got you thinking.

america for what shes worth deserves some accolades! shes still got kids, still got stands of lemonade. shes still parading around town in daisy dukes. symbols more entrenched &amplified by urban. and sometimes more appealing. her debt around the world? no damn ceiling! she likes lofts. shes hard in places, but you can find her sometimes so soft. like the rivers begin to run dry. the factories coughed. makes you wanna cry. like the residue of sun, twice a day, base of sky...

the beats of yesterday got us trippin on reds, manifest in us. in underground we trust. and the wander...and the lust.  america usa? will you stay together? i pray. lets mend her, be mindful of her, turtle island of the natives, turtle waxed and so creative. steel wheels spinning and scratching the dopest trax. to make up for trains gone cold. railway memories covered by new plant life. who would restore the railway fever?  we could make it manifest,  how we carried the fire burning inside...mark her beauty. dont forget her, the land we reside.

the land is native, and to native shall she go. beneath the wave, the surge of honest hard working classes from all of mexico. beneath the ebb, beneath the flow, a peaceful ground they say? such is so.

such is so! such is so. such is america, miss usa. so loved. sometimes hated. our miss beautiful. thus related.

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