Friday 19 February 2010

Community works itself out. In Fridays aura.

Something about the community worked itself out. There was the general morning apathy and stretching over the raisin bran for the lucky charms. Maybe something to live for, these not so lucid mornings. Coffee was for certain, pot never empty. Morning weary turn to jittery. Have some more, the voice implores. You listen very carefully, while some other you but different tells a story. You choose which one you hear. Soon he will realize and stop telling you. Too early to be selling you on whatever brought this on. I mean the broken silence of gray dawn. Cannot be unbroken, the community seems to know, and the sound of pots and pans becomes a common backdrop for the day getting busier. The bubbles of awakedness begin to rise and pop on contact with some air. Thoughts begin to rise to mind, eyes to focus and then stare. The community wide and open begins to take form and crystallize. Those still in bed now instinctively start to rise. To this day begin with prayer, for some, others go outside. They claim behind a chinese cigarrette, they came to get fresh air. The mops take a swim before they hit the deck. Everyone clears out of the wet room, will only take a sec. The dry mouths start to salivate, while waiting for the waffles. The popping up of yellow bread some will closely monitor. Others let the cycle expire, too long, the fluff will blacken if not catch fire. Water splashes faces and affirmations, laced up laces. This community is right on. It knows. The wisdom extends from one friend to another, the knowing naturally arises and grows. Little children: up on your toes! This is friday. The day. Take us into immersed reality. With brightness of affect and positive-charged mentality. Blend into the community in your own special way. The community seeks itself -- seeks unity.

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