Friday 12 February 2010

caution! love strikes early & hard... #II of III parts

Before the big dance of the day, the street woken up by the local channel of our crazy girl so mad in the continuum one moment when love reignited with little forewarning. Locked in with his bicep she held half of by hand. Oh, did i forget to tell you when she did her pole dance, a handsome young man decided to was worth a chance. See her nails painted passion across this the shared land? He ballerina skills were not lost on him. She noticed his skin so close to hers was tanned.

They shared step synchronization to the tune of the band. The others around them they parted like C's (semicircles created when theOoohs came apart). Why? because they could do so and yet not fall apart! They found she turns to energy, turns to pinesap, love she does, in a moment. Conducive to trance state for subtle integration. like blending of language across two different nations. Their forms a dialect shared there in the crosscurrent. something rare and unique. black and white thought deterrent. Often a very strong held current.

Thus was her life of the bars of continuum. Midtone gray, half and half, a place where two meet. love hits you both, like collision... to complete.

Before this? never happened! what could she have been? going about life with all those evolving and devolving aspects of her self roaming around inside her and expressed like a fire? how it looks now is sad: weak persona. some fad.

What else you gonna do? they wondered around her. this when she frequented the old bars of fragment nation. 'youre a complicated one', some men said once they found her.  they saw it in her eyes, they said, looking into spliced fragment of color, between mirrors between booths between songs of aged youth. For her the experience so often repeated just got duller. some attracted their selves to her via sexual innuendo. others almost offended themselves, gaining courage sniffing blow. c-c-co-com-coming up down to meet her, coming updown to selfdefeated space. sweating their bodies all over the place. get a towel! no get two. and so nice not to meet you. the drip you may love, will never land between these thighs. sorry if my blunt saying got a rise. Please , now, have mercy, lift your eyes!

That was the story then. You cannot care too much how they handle you, girl, can you now? will u ever? cause you found caring that way was soon (lost & forever). that part of you so constant, your compartmentalized heart. it would turn over quickly when they hotwired you & made you an art. (delicate) form u became, like a rainbow. captured by their eyes. existing only in changes of weather. then dies.

Subject of stare, said forensics. traced to greeting of perp, then the buy-in. they act sweet. catch your colors, make resemblance. then go after your trust. they lust. its too late. their proximity comes to land as they're shining you on... then they painlessly corrode you = your aura starts to rust. you dissipate completely when the page is replete with their version of you they now own and put behind glass. not needing the real you, not caring how you feel, boo. when they ditch you.

So sad who you were, coming on to yourself. who you were, to become who you are and will be. you hang out with yourself awhile from the past and you see. black and white were the colors you wore every day. just a recollection of source, so its not lost to midtone gray. such a cost, these extremities, these addictive far outs. please! did u really need a half hour? just to find your fucking keys? you gotta handle this time somewhat meditative, free of judgment. with some ease. honey is the sweetest ending to the violent sour workings of the honeybees.

u compared u to now. u saw the evolution. older now but in solution. in the mix, ya, making motion. radiating waves of source vibration. life slowed down by choice, eyes wide open.  so you tried. you turned off the damn cell for a change. suddenly your breathing improved. subtle but noticed. you lit the incense, 'butter' was your choice as you melting into self-reflection. a clear connection. you got into sweats. you cleared some time, your head, the chair of the cat, the table of clutter. you opened the shutters. lifted the window to draw some cool air. conducive (you thought) to make you more aware... (continue to part III).

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