Friday 12 February 2010

caution! love strikes early & hard... #III of III parts

Honestly what happened to bring about the unitive moment? old and new believers alike want to know. For all had changed ever slightly. The untouchables of the urban synched up to such a height. The energy was out of control washed in optimism! and could not be contained. half a dozen cops were hospitalized due to fright. The channel was you. SO live and true. Sensitive and fresh. Grass green and sky blue. Naturally you disliked the discomfort initially. being with self and self alone. before you felt the impact.  felt like monotone.

Until you realized to let her work through you. TO attune to her great energies. the spirits looking over you...staring down your enemies. The waves they hit you at skin level, or to say you received them there first in the short wave of chills coming over you unexpectedly and not synched to the lifting of window & letting of air. all was still. silent. real. a sudden latent capacity to feel at deeper levels.

like that abstract tangible, the feeling of love, slowly coming over her quickness! what she felt in the moment she realized years later, was akin to the feeling she got when she happened upon a dreadlock in a small apartment way north of the city. A West Indian from Brooklyn, stretching skin over drums... spilling dawn out through his thumbs.  she had been with a friend, along for the ride, always felt good by his side. Then the music, it touched her, so hard that she cried.

Dreadlock was Rasta with African drum. Her sitting silently lent her to deep feelings that arose and sourced back off the skin. He spat out his tobacco which then hit the tin. She became an unlikely touch stone by where he could know her. He suddenly felt how his heart reside in her. And wanted just to get up and sit right beside her. Her touch  moving in and out from the edge...she felt she was balancing right there on the ledge.

She knew that to do so was uncomfortable too. She need only watch over her fears and just wait. For what might unfold might just be high rate. Then over it sometime to something beyond (which inevitably played out on the street unitive bond). She found this hot, the style he played. His kinda style was of strength and of faith. One of two times maybe, he uplifted her so, she came up from where sitting. out of the woodwork. Raised to motion by the rhythm, maybe to dance or just to see.

Sometimes things work out just the way that they should. Sometimes good is bad and bad is good. Dread really wanted her, yes, the day that he met her. She wished she had known, but then it would have upset her. The way all moved through her would have likely been distracted. And he made no clear attempt to get her, no remarks for her attention. This was not part of his nature, to mention. She saw only his smile, which her memory could rely on. And the beating of his strong heart through his African drum. The very first time, she felt a little insecure. In that tiny little room with nothing to do, but wait on her friend and pass time as it arise. She maybe once looked in his eyes. They were smiling too. She worried guys were talkin trash, setting sites & amped up; GPS on her assets was the usual order. Made her nervous, insecure. Made her tighten her border.

She recalled all this in her mind, still wondered and amazed. The feeling she felt was love you see, come on in twenty day. Hella fast to fall in love! She was grateful but amazed, to fall in love in only seconds if not days. Like riding to the sun on the suns rays. Like feeling hella fine right after a feeling of malaise. Ununsual, unexpected, not impossible, not rejected. She embraced what did transpire, he embraced her nice. The meeting of their eyes evolved to passion fueled by fire. and desire.   ---fin --

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