Sunday 31 January 2010

Sister story to miss january nineteenth - Part I

What can I tell you about this fascinating one? I could say chosen one but for not wanting to mislead. I can tell you for one that I learned to love her. I learned to care about her, respect her, feel for her, feel with her, connect on non-verbal levels, collaborate on astral planes and together jump trains with white crossed hobos from Kerouacs time, the beat signature line. Ooh la la. If someone needed to be chosen over a hundred stallion. She’s good for gettin out of a tight spot. She can rise to an occasion. Shes a fascination alright. When she walks the street these days, its an Occasion.

She was in her twenties, when she surfaced from the midsection of an iceberg, the frozen contents of some formerly fluid collective subconscious experience. In the middle of nowhere mind you. A slow drip of unhappening. Congealed into living memories (consistency of molasses).

So she thawed from her heart out, and the ice around her began to soften in her light and heat, and collect supine at her feet. Aqua devotion. Hands... in prayer beneath her dry eyes. So rare did this sorta manifestation occur. The glaciers melt in their natural way and they take their damn time - aint that right? Macro evolved from micro wave could save us hella time. but first the firewall of pride must go down in flames somehow. Inevitable, anyhow. Sad to inform you if you wish to go deeper, to know more about her, u must relay your genotype. Sorry to break this this way now. Is your personal individualized global warming set to delicates?... on a slow defrost over time? This wont do. Permanent Press is the least we require. Should keep your hair from turnin midtone gray on ya. well, you your gratitude in the end should margin quite profitably for your system to be fulfilled. Im not in sales, but i can imagine you'll be thrilled.

You don’t hurry a glacier, no. You age them like wine. Or you wait for them to melt and reference empirical evidence of global warming. Turns slightly yellow from blue over time. The byproduct green is most divine. Consistency soft, malleable, like room temperature butter. Almost vulnerable, fallible – almost human. This is what became of her, from prebirth to birth. She escaped any concept of measurable worth. In round one on earth...TKO.

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