Friday 8 January 2010

beatup lysdexic liadecticals

they beat ya up, they did and the do. you gotta brace yourself cause ya know anything might be possible, like they might even try and off your ass, great you you you, if you let your ego light up they probably aint gonna see you. cause then you blend right in, this city landscape of sin sin sin. hearts not made of love. hearts made of unmistakable second hand tin, rusty when cried on. bloody when bled on. the bleeding hearts is what they call some, and others they wont call, they just come right up, all twenty feet tall tall tall.

so what do ya do, little heart blue in the big urban mix? you gonna act like they wanna and take your lix? or you gonna run to the alley where the little ones get they fix? you gonna clean up your act for them? or just pretend? wear that silly bowtie you dumpster dived with the frayed ends? to appease the plastic gods of your newfound manufactured friends? so ya sold out, atleast now you got ends? is that what you thinking?

well look up now at the twenty foot tall, fly off the wall comin at ya with they swagger... take a closer look at the John Wayne replica stance. come on, now , show your courage, take you a chance. fuck the shower, save the water and try e baby powder for a change. activism to N N n n NTH degree brings you out the seams, no longer fit in those label jeans they wear, them machines. mach #1 in their automated limousines. fuck!

cant you see? see you can? you can see, cant you? see the machinery? beneath the silk chemise color of american cheese. orange yellow flexi-square they eat and then listen to the wheeze. the whir. where where they when you needed em, sir? madame? i hate to push your buttons but i already am. damn! you lost ya head? you wanna get dead? keep looking up at whats below. measure a robot by height of its nineteen foot afro. call a complete stranger your bro. call a complete girlfriend a ho. trick another trick at the show. when all the bs stops, your forward momentum still goes, fall on your ass so we know dont we know no we dont wanna no cause we knew you we once knew ya, loved ya. you changed.

amnesty. this is for lunch. just gotta digest it. change took us out there....change will bring it all back together. maybe what was torn apart or asunder, will reconnect sounding thunder. only hope only pray, that day that day that day! then we will have the rain wash away...all the dirty wiring they looped, that circuit city and gasket soup. we gonna repo your soul, with a lil co-op (eration) we gonna recoup whatevers left of ya. they gonna burn. burn sideways and long. maybe all night with their headlamps on, searching for ya as they made ya, in sade-istic fashion. body parts with autoparts they done mash together. til you was so gone. could not find ya. left us alone, over and left was it all, the worst of times and the best, we had together in our black leather beauty, brunette cutie. tryin tryin try. flyin crashin die. burn rubber and plastecene for fun. settin fires like a setting sun.

settin fires like a sun. like a settin sun. remember when you was one? they already had you. you was cold like tha winta moon, yo, so frigid you scared off dear Brigid. we told ya, i know, we told ya a lie! that Brigid had to go cause of her not cause of you. a simple little trick that so hella fooled you. sorry to admit it, we did it, ya did it. not proud of it. lyin aint nothing, aint shit. you dont deserve it, i mean it, mean it! we gotta give you amnesty. otherwise we aint shit, we aint free. how we wanna believe and always say we is, live free or die, New Hampshire true.

if we cant give to you, how can we expect amnesty too> we cant. this is true. so let our allowance be your path. let our compassion douse your wrath. let us draw you the finest most wonderful springwater bath. the bleach will be a sidenote. the longjohns keep ya warm. after said and done. after all. of that. can u make it then? four oclock sunday morning. before the world got us dawn, and yawning. awaken the heart and heed the ritual. can you. will you? feel it? feel?

the feelings came. not the same, not quite as before. the forgiveness steeped for a while, colored rapport. then eyes could look for long without pullin down. least that was what i knew while i was around. got out of myself, stopped worryin so. knew that what happens must happen for reasons i may never know. then when our fists hit air in the mouth. here was the truth! been gone the doubt! for awhile now since that day. 'i missed you mothers!' i heard him say. he was our brother, done gone away. taken, forsaken, treated unfair. only now could we face him and handle what we done. come to terms. made us feel young like when we last saw us. droppin right out - the hardness, the callous.

amnesty the robots they could not program, with or out, without a compatible alphanumeric wavelength, coded in like wormwood, for toxic intention, no good, no good. the corporate capital corridor caved. the immigrants side by side with the natives slaved. to make the land a land to live. to love the land. to love and give. the tweak and shock of electromagnetic digiform clocked about turtle on the real ones radar, when it came to meeting halfway they was on the bottom stair. fell right through the rotwood to air. into space that we left em, to bury themselves. reconstituted mangled coppertone stealth. we took them up carefully and took them apart, separated wires and used the pliers. we melted tin hearts in hearth of fires. the children played and danced before us. when the flames jumped you could hear em shout and cuss. damn you robots! poppin like corn. now you know how it feels to have your innards all torn up by the cookie cutter spatula mentality? of masquerading imposed harsh reality?

we was proud of our kids, no, really, we is. back to the moving of metals and elements, silver platinum imprints, etc. along to the underground rail down by station, the new rebellion gatherin up to save our sweet nation. lay down our lives if we must. to defeat the imperial nuclear family of faith, devoted to turning some more into copies of carbon, influenced by sayings and fear based jargon, codes red to spicy to fire, beware!...

(the natives with hearts they stand over there! with their feelings, intuition compassion, blank stares. so stupid and foreign, it make us all shiver. the patriarch feels nothing. just stands to deliver. the truth? dont be worried. we create it, its glory! we just go back and rewrite the whole story. the past is gone and not to be honored. the moment is now, to be enforced and monitored!)

well this is how i reckon they talk to themselves. i dont really know. or care to, its true. i just wanna do something reckless. or foolish. who knew? because then i remember im making mistakes. and learning from them. thats how to live, for chrissakes.

im sorry for cussing and gettin all worked up.
here, take a sip, i offer my cup.

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