Tuesday 29 September 2009

self portrait in silk curtains filtering late day light, fall 2009, times fascinating, alive, working hard, helping, playing hard, communicating, finding the heart, losing the mind a little in the process, appreciating urban tags, hiphop, new paradig...m friends widening the light of consciousness so we all can suntan together and relax into it, wax records and flaxseed trax left behind, kombucha dream in the asana posture of rhyme, the lyric just loud enough so you could hear it, listen and again, take two and pass, take what i share, take it fast, pass it along, streaming visualization comes with that song, the song we sing of interconnected sentient beings, binging on knowledge, starving our attachments, choking all weeds, and braiding love fast and secure in your hair, no longer lost the heart, thats where. in you in me, if youre still reading, see, my brothers, my sisters, we can laugh together in all the weather, fake hater hail, and slow to open garden variety, keep the diversity emblazoned through society, community of odd and even, fever for #7, dont know why, its a 1970s birthright number, six degree separated, no matter, add a number, 7 to complete, 7 make us whole, # 7 replete and so defined, unrefined. polished like the stone of the pupil of your eye. looking at me before we look up to the sky and catch the tears of angels and loved ones we lost. living this life is worth the fuckin cost. some will shift and glare at us now, its okay, we stay calm, they see we know them somehow, we can see were alike, we both once wore nike, ate fast food and dove deep down to sud, back up north of the limit, once the bottom dropped us in it, the hole we endured taught us cold steel of sword. we begged for mercy beside mattresses held our dual weight night before, we joined and interlocked and our dreads they were hardcore, embracing lock to lock with the key we so turned, turning worlds upside down, sets energy like traffic light through chakras. then let them blink yellow in the night, as we sleep.

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