Saturday 12 September 2009

california thunder

Thunderstorm last night
woke me
in oakland
rattling the windows

Lightning colored
the sky

i saw
whites and blues
through thick panes
of shuttered glass

then i felt
so goddamn lit up!
my spirit lifted
my whole body up!

whites and blues
they faded
in metallic motion
faded and dissipated
all stress **
here in oakland

then came the wave
this wonderful wave!
of childhood
and home

where thunderstorms
came often
where the rain
the ground soften

i fell back asleep
(cat by my side)
into delicious dreams
of yesterday

a mountain
color of sand
a castle made of mountain
on the high land
did stand

later in the day
the very next day
(overcast sun
purple feeling) **
dancehall reggae

in the background
of this condition
chrome pipes sang out
a harley rendition

california thunder
makes you wonder

is chrome
the only weather
we get
in this place?