Wednesday, 29 January 2020

steak and eggs

back in the forties, during the world war, american sailors knew they would be heading into battle by the steak and eggs they got served for breakfast. for many it would be their last meal, downed with coffee. the torpedo bombers were easily cooked by the zeros. the dive bombers went out to sea in squadrons with compasses and pencils and the sun to guide them. they kept their cockpits open in the middle and dropped at impossible angles to meet their targets. often a painted sun on the deck of a japanese carrier. went full speed into the anti-aircraft shelling. hoped to drop their ordinance and pull up at the last moment to make it home alive, if they weren't shot out of the sky. often they had barely enough fuel for the mission, and risked being swallowed by the sea. guaranteed life wouldn't be this good for us, here today, if it weren't for them.

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