Thursday 9 January 2020

i was in florida and depressed when i discovered prozac and prozac nation. i liked the film as much as the book. then it jumped off the screen, off the page and into my life. my therapist referred me to a shrink who asked me questions, looked me over, took me for a ride for proper diagnostics, then wrote me up a script for prozac. i never got it filled because i refused to stop drinking. five years later i ended up on SSRIs. intermittent psychotherapy alongside antidepressants made it easier to get out of bed but it wasn't powdered sunshine and it didn't solve any other problems. it's a cast. to be held together pharmaceutically until you can handle life without it. for two years i was in the sunshine state and i never saw the sun.


  1. not much happen'd in your haircut excerpt but you skillfully made nothing innaresting. (SPC this Sunday deepening-afternoon) 1-19 > Gene Avery; I don't have an url or how to get one

  2. not much happ'd in your haircut-piece this Sunday afternoon yet you somehow skillfully made nothing listenably-innaresting. Gene Avery (I know naught about "urls" or how to create one so posted thru Anonymous 1-19