Thursday, 9 January 2020

prozac nation

i was in florida and depressed when i discovered prozac nation. i think i liked the film better than the book. then it came off the screen, off the page and into my life. my therapist referred me to a shrink who asked me questions, looked me over and kicked me around some, then told me he was prescribing me prozac. i thought what a farce and walked out the door! i think i made it another five years before i ended up on ssri's. life got a little easier as i sorted out the shit in my head with a therapist. the pill made it easier to get out of bed but it wasn't prozac and it wasn't sunshine and it didn't solve any of my problems. it's like a cast. to be held together pharmaceutically for a while until you can handle it yourself. for two years i was in the sunshine state and i couldn't see the sunshine until long after i left.

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