Saturday 25 March 2017

the opening is tbd. byo latchkey

we were...

latchkey kids. made deaf beneath 
the wall of sound

of the industry
of the landscape
in the head

we played arcade games
to recover and chewed bubble 
gum and drew on ourselves
with ballpoint pens 

dumb kids. not stupid just 
contextually thin

lacking or without sense or
the means to make

hungry for relevance
starved of context 
ignorant of our rights 

we no longer studied our 
country's constitution
in high school

we microwaved tv dinners
and rode our bikes into the 
night with duran duran baking
our heads by transistor

stressed kids. the trance-like induction 
of environmental stressors fill
the internal auditorium

teeming life of feelings acid-washed
a sensitive study of self

abbreviated from an lp to an ep
the world stops when the record store is closed
the opening is tbd

you are all invited
statistics will be gathered
and fall upon us
with friends

new cokes slim jims leg warmers
byo latchkey

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