Saturday 12 September 2015

saturdays in september (3 takes)

In september a saturday in the USA might be full of surprises, you see, the kids wake up to no school and that makes them especially happy, the husbands of wives sometimes are the same, excited for the long-awaited football game, and the mothers may be busy in the kitchen all morning, of course i am talking in a very conventional sense of roles... what i ask makes it so uncomfortable these days to speak of convention like so? i would hit the delete key and hold that puppy down and gone all the words they would go. 

In september a saturday for vitamin K in the USA ... work, coffee, weekend begins after dawn, feeling quite free, friends, rest, river, cooking, reading, bicycling, sun in the backyard watching cats and birds and squirrels, running, cycling, walking, writing, reading, thinking, resting, coffee, meds, phone calls, making videos, listening to jazz or classical or am radio, highlights of the scores of the games going on, netflix, cooking, thinking, writing, walking to the store, driving somewhere, meditating, anywhere, reading aloud to a friend. 

In september a saturday in the USA might be just another day, you have to go to work because you need to get paid, the kids must be tracked down by someone, where are they? they did not come home last night, their bedroom and clothes smell of marijuana you suppose, and your partner lays in bed doing nothing... i guess you can microwave some oatmeal, let's see, everything so cleverly processed, everything so rainbow, so LGBT. You can take a handful of vitamins or norcos on coffee, anything to find some relief from the tension of trying to make the ends meet. 

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