Wednesday 4 December 2013

the crux of cyber-monday - i

Technology was really killing me. Mercury had to be retrograde. Dogs were barking. Bread was buttered with marmalade. And it was cyber fucking monday. Only thing saving me today was Bowie. Little China girl. Meet little Miss Americana. She's got thrift DKNYs and a liquid cooled television burning out her emerald eyes.

This is not real. This is a disguise. Come out come out, wherever you are. Soul? Please do not be shy! Remember just yesterday? When you ruled the sky blue all the way from you know where, with you know who?

All the followers were becoming leaders, these days. And vice versa. With a cursory glance off your paintbrush hair follicles, you could see. Maybe you liked it. Maybe not. Maybe no one and yourself cared how you felt. And Judge Judy. All the flowers were gonna be fed something they did not need, and blossom into some kinda brilliance Van Gogh would stretch his eyelashes against.

Everybody forgot how to dance. And they knew it. Eyes danced across screens only. Watching the different black and white styles from the 1920s on. Wow, what a party. Wish I was there. Some had the courage to go to dance classes. Some took off their shoes forever. Some danced barefoot across Murphy oiled knotty pine floors with a plastic coating making it all possible. The kittens jumped one another like frogs, and struck to kill. Nails retracted however. Or were glossed over, the ones in the wood floor. So your pretty little bare feet would not get mutilated.

Anyone had a chance to live. Just not everybody took it, right away.

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