Friday 6 December 2013

Girl for xbox

All the queen's verses
All the king's zen
Reconciled them
In bed @
Half past ten

The goldfish
Turned silver

The prince gave his xbox
To the pauper
Why No one knows

Not even
The little match girl
Who was led to the prince
The very same day

She thought it strange
In the palace
Holding hands

A prince
Wanting matches

What for
All the  windproof torches
He might choose

The pauper was too busy
Blowing away the world
With an unharnessed fury
Twice the size of the sun

To indulge
Her whys
Her what fors

He just wants to see you
He likes little whores
Now die! Die! die! Die!
You scum! por favor

Although she enjoyed
Her walk through the palace
She never once minded
The prince's entreaties

She hid behind the couch
In the paupers motel room
While he indulged all his fantasy
Of anarchy and mayhem

The endless rapping upon the door
Went unanswered
And the prince's heart
Knew first heartbreak

Our little match girl she
Got big
In her own palatial

Not just on that day but

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