Wednesday 12 June 2013

Not to mention...mentioned #ii)

Not so many miles north of Sacramento lies Canada, Alaska, and the breadth of the now former Soviet Union and China across the pacific and the land bridge. The relatively flat frozen landscapes are marked with wolf hybrid dog tracks enclosed by straight parallel lines left by the weight of men and women pulled across on sleds.

Set decidedly apart are the coyote and wolf tracks.

Our appreciation for the horse must succeed our manipulation of the horse. Decidedly. For though we can praise ourselves for taming a horse, the less human-centered of us might also see how the horse gave itself to be tamed. Only with the horse's help could the horse be tamed. Think how unlikely we are to see the day the wolf, the lion, the cheetah, the ocelot, the mountain lion, the cougar, the panther, or the bear help us make our beautiful cities.
They have no willingness to help us achieve our visions. Why? Because they have a deep-seated feeling that our visions do not necessarily portend a better future for themselves. And they are more focused on the needs of their species than ours. How could it not be so?Can you blame them?

The horse was not saddled nor tamed to benefit the horse. The automobile may have been invented for joyriding and adventure, but this purpose bore acquisition under the needs of the state in service of the country or the mass accultured tribe of all tribes that is the states of america, presumed whole (but really more dissociative by nature). In each and any case, the needs circumvent the individual will, and the collective desire. What will naturally be fulfilled to the detriment of all else, will be such overarching and unfeeling movements as relocation, migration, immigration.... and of course, that territorial itch: conquest.  Aka war. Just another not to mention, mentioned.

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  1. It behooves me that you speak well for our equine friends. Thanks be to canine & cannabis too! ^_^ all help' man'kind to be kind and realize a true' civil' civilization. Harmony with not opposed to nature... we are.