Tuesday 18 May 2010

snake venom - ex - pink giftwrap heart

we gotta start somewhere... so commence here... with the feeling, the feeling  in her (and all about, so strong a penetration both within and without),  the feeling turned on and lit up  -*- sparkle clean -*- like the 20watt transparency of light with fangs sautered on, to metal posts conduct the host,  sunk in tight...half full...tilt of cup

All for the juicy metallic taste you dont wanna miss... (unless you would shy from deliciousness itself) of a ripe half-century old american standard wall outlet... those old general electric televisions with matching postbellum deux de monde..... hair curlers all neatly up in a row like bombs awaiting their drop from a generic saab diesel powered alphabet city B one two three and you can choose destruction? or a fall from a height so high you feel in your stomach the sudden drop?

well so can we. whistle in your pipe, concussion force. is the real deal, aint no hype, no adware spyware, dont nobody care for us in the marketing industry, selling stepford pussy? -*- meow! lets get busy! jet from the maniac spinning out in his cadillac, yes sir, swerve to the left he almost hit it i swear!

to be continued...stop and stare .... -*- 

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