Wednesday 19 May 2010

erotica: in response to an admirer

she fronts real hard, tough, aggressive, but her smile gives away the suburban kinda field hockey tight kinda upbringing behind the shade of the shallow skirts they wore then... a distant memory now she rocks the metro urban kinda look, sportin fun tights with leopard print capri length, and down her ivory calf where she felt his pinky finger draw a heart or something which touched her, of course, shes moody, not always smiling anymore cause shes gotta be real as she can be... still, life is fun, life is a blast.... depending on the diverse cast and unxpected... like the finger sent chills, and she could not wait til it rose up and under hipster type style panties, no cellulite and no fantasy, young and chi chi with the energy sensitive, mystic, and perenially she wore tennies, no socks, and submissively curved her spine on top to drop on hard cock herself -- sans panties.


  1. You will know the tree by the fruit it bares, plucking a ripe apple from its branch. Polishing to a bright red against his chest.Two sweet bites he claimed of the fruit, then placed it carefully on the mantle to observe.

    "very interesting"
    an admirer...

  2. thanks for reading, i hope my fruit tastes as good as cranblueberry juice. ;) hope u keep reading xo -K