Saturday 4 July 2009

the truth is like subway trains

under pressure
pushed her way
through us
like subway trains
in tunnels
pushing stale air
through the hair

some turned their backs
on truth
others faced her

those who needed truth
the most
often failed to embrace

then out into the light
she goes
with or without you

not to be seen
to see
not to be heard
to listen
not to be noticed
to be

as the system stands frozen
in consumption
direction long ago chosen
embedded in legal ease

she dont care, truth
shes got appointments
for hair and tooth
she loves just being there

she may drop heavy
flooding your system
only to chill
in cafes and your sleep (rem)

all feels so safe
and legally sound
when all of a sudden
the switching falls down

truth got into it
your damn right she did!
her style's 'break it up'
yeah, thats what she did

hopefully you could stand her
shes not often planned for

hopefully no one got hurt
when truth came around

but many do
many do

like pain

comes correct
comes real
comes true

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