Tuesday 28 July 2009

gotta start somewhere out of nowhere, like a flash flood of snake venom out of pink heart painted giftwrap, part I

She had Jupiter in her chart, for luck which had been for so long sorely lacking, and all the planets were moving direct. Retro was out of fashion. Grade was shadow, grade was shade. January waters were calm. You could mistake your elements in this easy recline of the world.  The water, the shimmering clearings,  taken for extensions of sky. Not just reflections, no. There would be no looking back! This was paramount and widespread. The need to look away, let go, move on.

This attitude or philosophy she embraced in its simplicity. Nothing complex could have substituted well. Simple meant clear meant brought through a conduit, received all at once like a spell. Rituals already broken off, easily fell. The novelty, the change, the forward-minded feelings she took to heart. She had to surrender!

She necessarily diminished the magnitude of recent natural disasters felt and known and not easily diminished.  Why not settled the questions left hanging last year, left unfinished. Why not? answered the volley of questions come from losses, sprouted from whole, organic, cry of cries with the wind gasping out of them: why not was the exact and purposeful reduction she reduced from why? The stories behind the tales mostly tragic? Need not be retold but archived. In this lay the magic, fresh like a rose full with water, stem to the petal, catching early sun. Rising fierce and bright, and flexed like hot metal.

This month she would no longer suffer those headaches left untempered by aspirin. No more reverberations bouncing around her head without end without end without end without end. No more endlessly seeking searches for vicopercodan oxyconcodones. No more rise in the chart of pain reliever tolerance. No more need for her to nurse an addiction. She could rely on nothing, she now knew, so nothing would she need rely on. The logic was mirrored like the elements aforementioned. The water she drank, an extension of sky. She felt light again, like a child. Naturally high.

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